Vino blanco orgánico de aguja o Pet Nat

Very fine, perfectly integrated bubbles

A wine created in the mind of our genius, José Luís Torres, the third generation of the family’s winemaking artisans, tells us how he wanted something completely different from what was on the market, a completely whole wine, from the vineyard to the bottle, he embarked on the adventure… And he was not mistaken.

Everyone who tastes it is captivated by the intensity of aromas, colour, freshness… all rounded off with a very fine, perfectly integrated bubble, the result of fermentation in the bottle with no added sugars.

Each bottle is completely unique and different from the previous one, due to the native wild yeasts it contains, which come from the vineyard, producing slightly different fermentations in each bottle. As a result, the ageing process on the lees varies from one bottle to the next, giving it that final extra personality which makes this wine so characteristic.

We wanted to make something totally different from what is on the market, a whole wine, as untouched as possible. Because of its high acidity and carbonic gas we can afford to lower the alcoholic content, so it becomes a light drink, for all occasions.

  • Curiosities: Disgroging by hand at cold temperature. Aged on its own lees, unfiltered, without additives or sulphites.
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region: Castilla- La Mancha
  • Grape variety: Moscatel


Technical specifications

  • Vineyard characteristics: Altitude: 700 metres above sea level, poor limestone soil, continental climate, low rainfall and large day/night temperature variation.
  • Production/ Number of bottles: 500 uds.
  • Market release date: 10/11/2020
  • Filtration: NO
  • Vol. alcohol: 9,5º%Vol.
  • Oak barrel: 2 months in bottle
  • Potential for storage in years*: 2-3 years
  • Preservation and transport recommendations: Storage and transport temperature / Keep bottle upright, DO NOT shake/ Keep in a cool, dark place / Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Recommendations for serving: We recommend serving very cold, at around 5-10ºC / Use a cooler if available / Do not drain the bottle if you do not want the wine’s natural sediment to fall into the glass if there is any / Do not shake.
Botella de Burbu blanco, vino de aguja natural de Torres Filoso


Tasting notes

The easiest variations from one bottle to another to perceive are usually: the amount of sediment, the amount of sugar, the acidity, and even, the amount of alcohol! (although only a few tenths). More experienced palates will be able to appreciate these different notes and qualities.

  • Appearance: Golden colour, with a very fine continuous bubble.
  • Smelling phase: We can find green apples, lemons.
  • Tasting phase: Fresh and light, but still full-bodied.
*As long as the recommendations for storage and transport are complied with.