We are celebrated our 100th anniversary!

We are celebrated our 100th anniversary! 

From the heart of La Mancha, settled in the beautiful winery that our great-grandfather built back in 1921, the same that gave birth to a whole family of wine artisans and that has seen its wines being produced and enjoyed for four generations.

One hundred years later, we cannot help but feel proud, because following our heart, we have always remained faithful to our roots, to our criteria, and that has always allowed us to enjoy what, more than a profession, is a true lifestyle.

We invite you to taste our wonderful wines, to enjoy with us the mastery, respect and passion that we use to elaborate them, being sure that no matter how you drink them, you will always do it in family.


The star of the house

Ad Pater

Mostly made from a very special Tempranillo grape, coming from a vineyard over 65 years old with very little production. Indeed, due to its low production, all its natural characteristics are enhanced, which gives it many more nuances and complexity.

Ask us: (+34) 967 144 426


All our grapes come from our own organic and sustainable vineyards.






Red wines

  • Tempranillo
  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Sauvignon


Whites wines

  • Moscatel
  • Sauvignon Blanc




An appointment with us

Tasting room

We have tasting workshops scheduled, with our wines or any others that you want to compare.

Available for groups between 4 and 8 people.

If you want to ask for more information:

967 144 426



The Spanish Federation of Oenology has issued a brief statement in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus that we believe is worth reading as it resolves some concerns and at the same time reflects on the possible benefits of wine against the virus.

Here is an excerpt:

  • Survival of the virus in wine seems impossible because the concomitant combination of the presence of alcohol, a hypotonic environment and the presence of polyphenols prevents the life and multiplication of the virus itself.
  • Contamination by packaging appears to be very remote, if not statistically non-existent, also in view of the short life of the virus and the absence of a positive “biological” live host.
  • A moderate consumption of wine, always linked to a responsible consumption, can contribute to a better hygiene of the oral cavity and pharynx, being this last area where viruses nest during infections.

Take a look

Our winery

Our winery is quite charming, it is located in the middle of La Mancha, more precisely in Villarrobledo, cradle of the best wines and known as the largest vineyard in the world.

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