Our most beloved wine

An homage to fathers, to those father figures who have influenced, inspired and marked our past lives, our present character and our future actions. And it’s this character that has forged our criteria & know-how which we owe everything to.

This wine is a summary of all the teachings and lessons they themselves have instilled in us, together with our own, creating a red wine so good that it would make them say… ‘My goodness! Did you do this?’

We could not imagine a better grape to make this wine than the one that they themselves worked in their day, the Tempranillo grape from old vines, which over the years has developed a unique personality, conferred by years of adaptation to a poor and difficult land.

An elegant wine like no other, in which the subtlety of its bouquet can be appreciated as an harmony for our senses and emotions. Precisely, inspired by that subtlety which expresses that paternal love, that affection that although they say nothing, you know it is there, you can feel it.

  • Harvest: 2016
  • Region: Castilla- La Mancha
  • Grace variety: Merlot, Tempranillo

AD PATER Gran Reserva

Technical specifications

  • Vineyard characteristics: Altitude: 700 metres above sea level, poor limestone soil, continental climate, low rainfall and large day/night temperature variation.
  • Production/ Number of bottles: 50
  • Market release date: 01/12/2019
  • Filtration: Slight
  • Volume of alcohol: 14º%Vol.
  • Oak barrel: French – 2 years
  • Potential for storage in years*: 10 years or more
  • Preservation and transport recommendations: Optimum storage temperature 14-16ºC. / Keep in a cool, dark place / Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Recommendations for serving: Serve at 15-20ºC. / We recommend decanting.

AD PATER Gran Reserva

Tasting notes

  • Appearance: Very dark cherry red colour, with a violet rim. Large amount of “tears” can be appreciated.
  • Smelling phase: Aromas of black and candied fruits such as blackberries, blackcurrants, spicy touches such as nutmeg, liquorice, chocolate, and also toasted aromas such as coffee.
  • Tasting phase: Full-bodied and dense but at the same time velvety with soft and elegant tannins.

The aftertaste is long and persistent, leaving a very pleasant sensation in the mouth which invites us to continue drinking.

*As long as the recommendations for storage and transport are complied with.