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Bodega Torres Filoso

One hundred years and four generations at the helm of Bodega Torres Filoso. We are traditional and original, makers of good wine and one hundred percent from La Mancha. We are aware of the world around us, that is why we respect the environment and make organic wines. We are in the heart of La Mancha and we are a winery that keeps learning with the same enthusiasm as the first day.

113 acres
Soil type
Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Tempranillo, Moscatel
Sustainable cultivation, organic certification.


Poor limestone soil


Continental climate. It registers extreme temperatures: very low in winter (-20ºC) and high in summer (40ºC), of dry character, so they are healthier. Low rainfall, especially during spring and late autumn.


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Continental climate. The sun is present in our vineyards most of the year. Spring and autumn have very pleasant temperatures, while in summer the heat is extreme. Our harvest begins in August, which has allowed us to take care of our grapes for twelve months with a some care and with this sunlight that accompanies us in our region.


Villarrobledo is considered ‘The largest vineyard in the world’. Located on a fertile plain, the municipality of Villarrobledo feeds more than 30,000 hectares of vineyards, some 48,000,000 vines, which have made us the largest producer of grapes and wine in the world. Its first plantations began in the XVI century.


A small family winery about 100 years old, where our most famous wines have always been made with great dedication. A cellar dug in the ground, typical cave of the 20’s in Villarrobledo.

Torres Filoso

From La Mancha

Our winery is located in Villarrobledo, the largest vineyard in the world, within the province of Albacete. Torres Filoso is part of a long tradition of winemakers who ensure that the best wine is made in La Mancha.



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