The largest vineyard of the world

Perea: land and fruits

Perea is a land known for the richness of its fruits precisely due to the poverty of its soil. This peculiar limestone and sandy soil, with an arid and dry climate, generates very low yields, so all the properties of the grapes are more enhanced. The lower the production, the more the components are concentrated in the grape or, in other words, the less quantity, but the higher quality. The grapes, being smaller in diameter, result in an increase in the proportion of skin compared to the pulp, thus increasing all the organoleptic properties.

Our fines come from the family vineyard, of organic production,, locales in Perea, in the municipality of Villarrobledo, known as 'the largest vineyard of the world”.

Grapes of complexity and richness

Adaptive capacity

Our wines come from the family vineyard in the municipality of Villarrobledo, known as “the largest vineyard in the world”.

Grapevine plants are known for their marvelous ability to adapt to their environment, a property that enables the existence of about 1,000 grape varieties in the world, all of them coming from the same original plant. The more the plant has to adapt to the soil (the poorer the soil, the more it has to adapt), the more personality it acquires, and the more it differs from the variety that was originally planted.

All this circumstances and peculiarities give our grapes a complexity and richness that result in fines of incomparable quality.