The good art

We have seen our wines all over the world, produced more than a million bottles per year, won numerous competitions, opened branches in Miami… but the “bigger” we became, the more market opinions we had to take into account, the less attention we could pay to them and the less we could do what we liked, therefore we lost more and more control over our own product…

So, turning our approach around, we gave priority to quality over quantity, specializing in developing extremely careful winemaking, where we put our love and leave our mark on every step of the process, making the best quality wines we could afford.

Fashions change, but making a good wine is timeless. It is a popular belief that what makes a wine good is how famous it is, how much it sells or how much it costs. But, in our humble opinion, what makes a wine truly exceptional is that it transmits us, that it tells us a story, that it touches us… all of it without words, like a painting, like a song, like good art.


Everybody does not understand it in the same way, which we respect and validate, but this criterion that we have developed for 100 years of experience, is the one that has proved to be the key to our success…

It is staying true to our roots, doing everything from the heart, with true affection and respect for art and our environment, which has always kept our illusion intact, where we always look for the expression of our individuality and personality.

We know it is risky but we trust that people will appreciate this method of working, as it is the one that keeps alive the flame of the great passion we have for this art.

The 4th Generation

One hundred years behind us, stories and anecdotes

Our story

Back in 1921, when our great-grandfather founded Bodega Torres Filoso, began a whole generation of winemakers passionate about good wine, good art. Organic and sofisticated white and red wines. Today, we are still committed to both tradition and innovation.


At Bodega Torres Filoso, we ensure both the enjoyment of the sensory experience as well as the satisfaction of sharing our wines with family and friends, all through responsible consumption. Our philosophy combines tradition, family and good work, from which the wines that characterize us are born, wines of the highest quality.


After one hundred years, we cannot help but feel a certain amount of pride, because following our heart, we have always remained faithful to our roots and to our good work. For this reason, we enjoy what, more than a profession, is a way of life.

Mastery, respect and passion in all our wonderful wines.


Our story


Borns Bodega Torres Filoso

Our great-grandfather founded Bodega Torres Filoso and made his firstplantations and harvests. An important legacy for our family begins.



Juan José

Our most recognized wine together with Ad Pater. It was born shaking the world of wine up in Villarrobledo and its región. Famous for being an organic red wine full of flavour and texture.




Around this year, Árboles, white and red wine, was born. We are proud to have wines so recognized in time and by great wine tasters.



Ad Pater

Our masterpiece was born, our premian wine. The most valued in the market together with our Juan José. A pleasant and very sophisticated wine.




This wine is the most recent creation. It has been created by the new generation who is full of optimism and desire to continue developing organic and quality wines, in a tradicional way with innovative ideas.